New Client Form
AFTER you have contacted us and have a scheduled an appointment with us we will ask you to come and fill out this form.  Please answer all questions and submit the form to us.  We have to have this information to be able to groom your pet.  Thank you
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Pet Information
Does your pet have any medical or behavioral concerns we need to be aware of?
By submitting this form I am allowing Shear Bliss Pet Salon and their agents to provide grooming services for my pet. 

Your pet is very important to us. We want you to be assured that every effort will be made to make your pet's visit with is as pleasant as possible. Occasionally, the grooming process can uncover a medical condition or aggravate an existing one.

Keeping your pet's best interest and safety in mind we request permission to obtain immediate veterinary treatment, at your expense, should it become necessary.

In the event of an emergency I am authorizing Medical care be provided for my pet at my expense.
If your pet is severely tangled or matted it is at greater risk of injury , stress and trauma. Grooming can also uncover or exacerbate existing medical conditions. All precautions will be taken to ensure safe grooming. However, problems can arise during or after grooming, such as nicks, clipper irritation and mental of physical stress.

Because of the condition of your pet's coat you understand that there will be additional charges due to the extra time we spend with your pet and that your pet's groom may not be as expected. 

In the best interest of your pet we request permission to seek immediate veterinary care, at your expense, should it become necessary.

By submitting this I grant Shear Bliss Pet Salon to obtain emergency veterinary care, at my expense, for my pet should it be necessary and I will not hold Shear Bliss Pet Salon or their employees responsible for accident or injury to my pet.
You pet is very important to us. We are aware of your pet's age and special needs and will take all reasonable care for the comfort and safety of your pet's grooming experience. However, grooming may uncover or exacerbate preexisting conditions. Senior pets are more prone to stress and injury than younger animals. We will use our best efforts to keep your pet's grooming as stress free and comfortable as possible.

In the best interest or your pet, we request permission to seek immediate veterinary care should it be necessary.

By submitting this I grant permission to Shear Bliss Pet Salon to obtain medical treatment for my pet at my expense
​We have included all of our grooming release forms here.  Our General Release Form, Matted Pet Form, and Senior Pet Form.  By submitting this form you agree to our General Release Form and any other form the is applicable to your pet.  
Please remember to either have your pet's current vaccinations emailed to us at or bring a copy with you to your pet's appointment.  

Thank You!