Salon Policies
We at the Shear Bliss Pet Salon pride ourselves on our service.

To provide ALL of our very important clients with the safest and most enjoyble visit possible, please read our policies and procedures below.
    State Law requires pet owners provide us with up to date vaccination records.  All pets entering our salon are to be vaccinated against Rabies and Distemper. There are NO exceptions.  It is for your pets safety as well as others.  We are required to keep a copy of current vaccinations on file.  These can be provided to us via email at or by sending a photo to us via our Facebook messenger or to a number we provide.

  To accommodate all of our clients we ask that you arrive with your pet slightly before your appointment time.  This is especially important for new pets as we need time to meet your pet and fill out information.  We can only hold an appointment for 15 minutes past the scheduled time as this affects our ability to serve our clients as efficiently later in the day.  Late arrivals will need to be rescheduled.  

  If an appointment needs to be rescheduled we ask for at least 24 hours notice. Clients with repeated last minute cancellations and missed appointments will be charged a service fee upon scheduling a new appointment.
Upon arriving at Shear Bliss Pet Salon please refrain from entering the Grooming Area.  Strange noises and new people are very distracing to the pets.  Remember, we are working with sharp instruments around live animals. 
When scheduling your pets grooming please let us know if you need to drop off more than 15 minutes early or if your pet needs to stay longer than the two to three hours their grooming normally takes.  We ask that pets be picked up with 30 minutes of completion. 
We understand that grooming can be very intimidating for both the pet and their owner.  We love our pets.  When your pet is at our salon we treat them as our own.  We do everything we can to make the grooming experince as enjoyable as possible for the pets and their owners.