COVID Procedures
We will be opening our salon again on June 1, 2020.  To keep our groomers, clients and their pets all as safe as possible we have put these new procedures in place.
Drop Off:  We have a secure enclosed outdoor area in which you will drop off your pet into a secure penning area.  Please remove all collars, harnesses and leashes and take them with you.  As soon as you put your pet in a pen and leave the secured area we will come out, get your pet and take it to our salon.  We will then disinfect the kennel to make it ready for the next pet.  There are large kennels for large dogs and large pens for the small and medium dogs that have a top lid that easily lifts up to put your pet in.  We can discuss hair cut from a safe distance.
Payment:  As always we take Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Cash.  We can handle payment however makes you most comfortable.  We can take a card over the phone or we can come out to the secured area and bring you a credit card slip to sign on a clip board and with a pen that will be disinfected between each use.  If you pay cash we can tell you the exact amount over the phone or we can give you change. 
Our groomers will ALWAYS be masked when working with human clients.  We ask that when having any contact with our groomers you do the same.  Thank You!
Scheduling:  Please be on time for your appointment.  We will not be able to accommodate early or late drop offs.  If you miss your appointment time we will need reschedule.  We are going to be very busy when we first open back up.  Appointment times will be limited.  Please have several options in mind when you call.  If we are very busy we may ask that you leave a message and we will return calls at the end of our day.  Please leave your appointment options in your message and we will do our best to accommodate.  If you need to change or cancel an appointment please give us 48 hours notice and contact us through our Facebook page and we will call you back to reschedule.
Vaccinations:  As we always have we require proof of current rabies and distemper vaccinations as per state law.  We need to have a copy of current vaccinations on file.  At this time we can accept a copy either emailed to us or we can provide you with a phone number to text a photo of the vaccination records or you can send a photo to our Facebook page in Messenger.
Pick Up:  We will call and let you know when your pet is ready.  When you get to our salon we ask that you call us and we can take care of payment and either bring your pet to the kenneling area and put them in a pen for you to retrieve or we can walk your pet out to you on one of our kennel leads, whichever is most comfortable to you.  Again if there is any face to face with a groomer we require that you wear a mask.
NO ONE other than our groomers or the pets we are grooming are to come into the salon.  Please be respectful of everyone's space.  
Please look at our regular Policies page to see changes in our normal procedures regarding COVID.  Thank You!